1991 Dodge RAM Conversion Van „The Lorry“

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We’re selling our beloved Campervan „The Lorry“. She accompanied us for more than one year through Canada and the USA.  As we’re heading home in the spring, we’d like to hand it over to the next owners.
It was technically and optically renovated and a large part of the wearing parts were replaced. The engine is in a top condition with 182k kilometers and lots of new parts. The chassis of the Dodge RAM from 1991 is a working van, with a very powerful alternator (double belt, therefore the qualitatively higher model from the year). The 5.2 liter B250 engine is optimized for extremely long running times and since the van is not raced anyway, these types usually work easy 400,000-500.000km if the regular services such as oil change are done regularly (which has always been done)

  • Dodge RAM Conversion Van with glass fiber top and alcoven
  • Year: 1991
  • Engine: petrol V8 5,2L
  • Km: 183,000
  • Two beds (90cm x 195cm and 140cm x 200cm)
  • Table with two benches (convertible to the smaller bed)
  • Porta Potty WC
  • Central gas system with 30L gastank
  • 3-way refrigerator with new cooling element
  • Fully equipped kitchen with 4 hot plates (including pans, pots, cutlery)
  • Sink with 40L water tank and (electric) faucet
  • Furnace
  • Second independent battery for the interior
  • Two super comfortable Captain’s chairs with adjustable backrest
  • All necessary camping items see overall list below
  • last oil change was recently done

In April 2016, we bought it from a retired lady, a former RCMP officer, who for health reasons no longer needed her campervan. Previously, it belonged to a mechanic, who really looked after it for years.

After standing barely a year, we first did a round-check with all necessary repairs. The cylinder head gasket, all the belts and rubber parts, the transmission oil (including a complete cleaning of the system), the cable harness, two new rear shock absorbers, a brand new high-performance muffler and many small things were replaced and repaired (Smart Blend 2-Step Fuel System Cleaning).
Front brake disks and calipers were done just before our trip.
The fridge got a new cooling unit with 5 years warranty and in Sept.2016 a brand new fuel pump was installed. All foams of the upholstery were replaced by new high-quality foams, which provided’s in both Bed’s best sleeping comfort. (See detailed pictures, bills and other paperwork below in the photo section)

It was important for us to bring the engine and the interiour into a top condition, so that we could spend our time in Canada and the USA without worries or a breakdown. The only smaller issues which were not bothering us and still are:
AC in the front is not working, Furnace is working great, but when its cold (below 10°C), it squeals a bit in the first 30 seconds ; Tires still have enough tread, but are a bit old; It happens seldom, but from time to time, the speedometer needle does not show the speed  (but usually it is working fine)

Also the interior was renovated with a lot of love. With sandpaper, wood and fresh paint, it was not only made up, but the storage space was almost doubled by the building a toilet throne with a large drawer, tea, books and other shelves.

At the rear of the van, a brand new hitch was added, custom-made box made of stainless, galvanized steel sheet to provide enough space for bike equipment and other things.
All our accessories have been selected with care and have a good quality.

But best of all you look at all the detailed photos and our video.


  • Gravity Chair (variable, super-comfortable seat and reclining chair)
  • Very comfortable large and stable camping chair
  • Small campingtable
  • Cooler 55 liters
  • Gas grill Coleman
  • Large steel box custom-made (about 200 liters capacity)
  • 3 different sized cooking pots
  • 1 frypan with lid (Tewla)
  • Sufficient silverware etc
  • Plates and small bowls
  • Wine glasses
  • Cutting boards
  • Salad bowls
  • Fire extinguisher, new
  • Water hose (fill up the 40L water tank)
  • LEDs with remote control (all colors and brightness adjustable)
  • Opaque tailored cardboard and blue painted for almost all windows
  • Fishing rod 
  • And many other useful things

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Outside pictures